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Château Thivin - Claude Geoffray


Perhaps to some people’s disappointment, I do not intend to give a list of good and bad years. You must understand that a wine-grower puts his heart and soul into the task of producing his wines, and so cannot judge his vintages so harshly, for like children, they all have their good points and their faults; some are the memory of a summer that was too hot, or a rainy growing season, some have a difficult youth or an uncertain future, but a grower will never disown them. Of course, he will take more pride in some than in others, but these are the ones who will leave the estate soonest, as they fall prey to the passion of lovers of great vintages.

This is why I will not judge them, but you are sure to find plenty of information from the wine reviewers, who are not generally shy of praising great vintages, but tend to leave more modest years in peaceful obscurity.

However, you will find a summary which we produce at the end of each wine-making year, in our “News” section.

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